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Wa Sung Junior League

What is Junior League?

Wa Sung Junior League is Wa Sung's program for members ages 17 to 25 years old. Junior League encourages members to develop their leadership skills, participation in volunteerism and enjoy fun social networking within the Wa Sung Community Service Club activities, events and/or projects.


Junior league also encourages membership with college bound students, youths and young adults to transition in joining the Wa Sung regular membership and build interest to serve as a future Wa Sung officer or a board of director. 

Benefits of Joining Junior League

Wa Sung Membership is free and Junior League can attend general member dinners and events

Professional Development Events and Socials

Junior League hosts numerous fun events throughout the year exclusive to Junior League members

Job Shadowing Exploration Program (July/August) 

Exclusive for Junior League members and Merit Award applicants in matching your career goals to a job host who will share their experience/expertise and give you hands on experience

Holiday Community Service (December)

help with a community service project (ex.- Oakland Firefighters for Random Acts of Kindness).

Join Us!

To join Junior League, please download the form and email to Chun Huang (chunhuang607@gmail.comand Aileen Xie (
Feel free to email them questions!
A sponsor is someone who is currently a Wa Sung member. If you do not have a Wa Sung member sponsor, we would be happy to connect you with someone. :) 


Follow Junior League!

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Contact Us:

Wa Sung Community Service Club

P. O. Box 1561
Oakland, CA 94604

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