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About Us

Wa Sung Baseball Team 1930

In the early 1920’s, young Oakland Chinese boys and men formed a social club called the Chinese 9. They played sandlot baseball and were sponsored by Maxwell Hardware Store. Later, they joined in regional baseball games and in 1926 became Wa Sung Athletic Club. These semi-pro players had many admiring Chinese fans. They had events such as Amateur Night, trips out of town, Raisin Festival, dinner parties, and Christmas parties, all revolving around this influential baseball team. The club disbanded in 1938.

Legal Status : Non-Profit Corporation

Corporate Status: Articles filed with California Status Secretary of State 5/31/60 
CO# 396903

Federal Tax Exempt Status: Qualified as tax-exempt by IRS and State of California

Trust Federal ID#: 94-6182703

In July 1952, the nucleus baseball club reorganized for the express purpose of one objective – “an organization whose purpose it is to perform service to the Chinese Community and to promote understanding and goodwill and friendship amongst its citizens.”In 1953, it held its first installation dinner dance and monthly meetings to initiate charitable and educational services; and to promote goodwill, understanding and friendship amongst all. Thus, Wa Sung Service Club was formed. Its first president was Joseph Lee. From these original 16 men, primarily born and raised in Oakland, the men of Wa Sung showed a common interest and purpose, attracting many professional business men to join the club.


In 1979, President Walter Wong convinced the Wa Sung Board of Directors to allow women to join. The first woman was Linda Yu, a TV broadcaster. Joyce Cheng was the second woman to join, and in 1982 she became Member of the Year – our club’s highest recognition. Josephine Hui became Member of the Year in 1983 and the first woman president in 1985.


In 2001, Wa Sung Service Club changed its name to reflect and reconfirm our basic goal in our club name: community. Thus, we became Wa Sung Community Service Club. Wa Sung has grown from a small group to its current membership of over 190. The club roster includes members of all ages, races, and ethnic backgrounds, with diverse occupations. Our goal remains committed to providing service to the community.

Join Us!

Anyone over 18 who is interested in promoting the goals of Wa Sung is welcome to join as a member.

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